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Yvonne Demetriadou

Yvonne Demetriadou
My name is Yvonne Demetriadou, I have worked as a General Manager in the biggest restaurants in Cyprus. From the time I can remember myself I always love cooking and trying to create dishes full of colors and aroma with an eye to modern taste. As I have travelled in many countries and collected many ideas i have written this cookbook which has a cluster of taste from Europe and Asia. The recipes are fast, simple, using basic kitchen equipment, easy ingredients that nevertheless presents the taste and smell from different parts of the world. Remember, always to take selfies and photos with your kitchen creations so you can preserve forever your special food memories with a combination of your feelings and thoughts. So… I am “Cooking and Selfie” for you and that’s my motto in the kitchen! I hope that you will enjoy my collection of memories and to help you to achieve your fascinate and essential captures.
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